Motor Homes & Campers

Motor Homes / Campers

We offer Motorhomes and 4×4 Campers to discover the beautiful landscape of Iceland.

Individual travellers

Pick up your Motor Home or 4×4 Camper and start your trip in Iceland. You’re on the road with your “own” hotel room on wheels and stop where ever you like.

Iceland is the perfect country to be visited by a Motor Home or a 4×4 Camper. Iceland offers several Camp Grounds in almost each village.

Check out the brochure called Aning, there you find the overview of most camp grounds in Iceland.

Are you interested in a offer


Our sales team would be glad to assist you for your next trip to Iceland. Would you drive around Iceland on the Ring Road 1? There a Motorhome is the perfect vehicle and also comfortable for families up to 6 passengers. The Motorhomes are equipped with a heating system, a sink, shower and toilet and a stove to prepare your own food.


The “F” marked roads in Iceland recommend a 4×4 vehicle, there fore we offer several 4×4 Campers for your comfort.